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Favorite niece

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My diva baby tho

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I can’t

Here are a list of things that drive me crazy;

People who drive without a license.
Pregnant women who don’t take care of their selves.
Pregnant women dying their hair.
Pregnant women who smoke.
When people confront you on your problems and can’t confront or acknowledge their own
When people mispronounce Louisville
When people make excuses for everything
When people ignore you rather than telling you no
When people don’t acknowledge all the things you do for them
When people take others for granted and use them
When people have to make a stupid Facebook post about peoples problems and bash people without cause or reason.

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Some people really irritate me…
Stop acting immature and grow up
She is your mother in law..
I mean come on show some respect…
You talk about her… get her kids to treat her like shit… more than they already did.

Try to turn her husband against her?!?!?!
I am so tired..
I can’t believe not only how you treat me but your mother in law…

You are disgusting. .
You make me sick.

She has tried to be respectful.
You have disrespected their family name before becoming apart of it.
You have destroyed your husbands friendships.
You have trash talked
His mother
His sister
My boyfriend
His best friend
His girlfriend
My best friend
You are total shit
You are the scum of the earth

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I would love to go to old town graveyard and just smoke a lot of weed with my friends.

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The proposal of my dreams👰💨✨💎💕

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Kyle Glenn;

I am so mad at you,but I love you.
You are my little brother.. I have watched you grow… and my heart broke..
I am so scared for you…
I pray a miracle will happen… please god no.
I want you to be there at mine and Justin’s wedding… not in prison.

Not for 25 years.